Connect. Solve. Guarantee. Your situation is too nuanced for a standard fix. I offer experiences, frameworks and tools that fit. Guaranteed.

No challenge can effectively be handled in the absence of the business context. Connections need to be made. I also need to connect with my clients to provide the best outcomes. Clients have described me as “able to say things in a way people can hear them.” I like that. Another told me I can be “firm and gentle at the same time.” That’s important to me. I want to be someone you look forward to working with. That’s where my listening can begin.


I don’t offer canned solutions. I think I’m genetically incapable of that. Yes, I’ve developed some favorite frameworks and approaches over the years. Understanding your situation and need – consulting, coaching, facilitation, or even speaking – allows me to pull the right elements together. Sometimes – and I’ll let you know – we’re figuring it out together.

The Levenson Guarantee

I guarantee my work. I don’t want to be one of those consultants who says, “I can do it” even if they’ve never done it before. That’s why I’ve offered an unconditional service guarantee for over 20 years. It keeps me honest and it sets your mind at ease. And it’s simple: if you are unhappy with my services for ANY reason, pay what you think they’re worth. It’s just good business.

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What They Say

“Seth’s easy style and keen sense of humor allow him to be direct and to say things in a way that people can hear them.”

“Seth is able to analyze a situation and offer up suggestions that are both insightful and practical, and gets out of the way to let his clients be responsible for their own successes.”

“Seth is firm and gentle at the same time.”