Experienced. Equipped. Real. Having worked at one of the large strategy firms, I know what it’s like to hire a partner and then wind up with an army of fresh, young MBAs. You hire me. You get me. They’ll assemble the data and provide you with a corporate strategy. I’ll help you figure out how to make it real. Where they stop, I start.

And implementing a strategy can be even more important than picking the right one. Operationalizing a strategy is the hard part. It combines strategy, organization structure and dynamics, leadership, motivation, and skill-building. So getting that right is really rewarding.


Questions I help clients answer include:

  • How do we create a plan for my business unit that incorporates elements of the corporate strategy?
  • Is our current structure appropriate to move the business forward?
  • What are the right roles and processes to ensure success?
  • How can we roll out the changes to ensure understanding, acceptance, commitment, and collaboration?
  • How can we “unfreeze” folks who haven’t gotten on board?
  • What skills do people need to be successful?
  • How can we get our people up to speed?

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What They Say

“Success! Seth helped us focus and, with his ability to listen and question, was able to make folks realize they had to take ownership. He reinforced leadership traits that would make this happen and core capabilities of the team. After three months, we had a new business model in operation, new attitudes on the team, empowered people, better solutions for clients, and WE WERE MAKING MONEY!”