Focused. Fast. Fun. Strategy implementations and team improvements require some no-distractions, focused, approach-the-problem-differently time. If you’re going to pull people away from their regular responsibilities, take advantage of the opportunity to build collaboration and drive new thinking. Quick, on-target design allows you to address the issues while they’re critical. And there’s no reason these meetings can’t be fun.


My background in executive education means I understand that different people absorb information in different ways. And different types of issues require different solution methods. A logical agenda is critical. And I know that you have to find ways to make it stick. I can deliver energizing offsites that get people moving towards the business objectives. I believe the best “team-building sessions” are ones where you equip the group with the tools, and do a real-time work session to test it out.

Some offsites I’ve created have answered one or more of the following questions:

  • How can we prioritize all of our efforts and investments to achieve our long
    term goals?
  • How can we refine our processes (how we get our work done) to be more effective and align with our strategy?
  • How can we work more effectively as a team?
  • What elements of the corporate vision (or strategy) are appropriate for
    our business?
  • How can we improve our skills in a particular area?

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What They Say

“Congratulations! I thought you did a great job of facilitating the sessions…just the right amount of input, at the right time. You were not leading the conversation and we felt like we owned and developed the thinking which is key to success and buy-in.”

“Seth took a potentially explosive situation and really helped to shift mindsets and guide some difficult conversations.”