Engaging. Educating. Entertaining. My years—both as an entrepreneur and as a consultant to a variety of businesses—have provided me with lots of stories for my talks. How I connect the right stories and frameworks depends on the audience and situation. Appropriate humor is not only entertaining, it makes the message stick. I get a charge out of helping people gain insights that will move them and their business forward. Insight doesn’t need to come in the form of new frameworks. It comes from really understanding the issues and using proven frameworks in new ways.


Leadership and business topics I can address include:

  • Facing Uncertainty: Just do something, anything!
  • Practical Strategy: How much strategy do we need?
  • Change Management: Why can’t we just borrow from marketing?
  • Personal Leadership Style and Brand: Sometimes the “soft” stuff gets
    “hard” results.
  • Coaching Yourself and Others: Ask, Ask, Ask
  • Handling Difficult Conversations with Emotional Intelligence: Do I have to?
  • Finance Without Numbers: What you really need to know about finance

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What They Say

“Seth has an amazing gift: storytelling. And people remember stories long after the talk.”

“Seth does his homework and makes it relevant to the issues in the room. He’s always asking himself, ‘How can I make it relevant to them at this minute?' He reads the audience and delivers in an authentic and entertaining way.”